I(t) Failed.


I want to begin by saying that I’m not sharing this to get sympathy, nor am I ignorant to the suffering experienced by many far worse off than I (refugees, the terminally ill, etc.). This is just me sharing my experience of failure; partly to inform (well, as much as I can), but mostly to accept what’s happened so I can move on.

Okay, so let’s rewind to where this all started. Sydney, May 2016. I felt on top of the world. At the age of 26 I thought I was about to hit the big-time; I was about to be the managing director of what effectively was a start-up in one of the true world cities, London. And of course, it was going to be a success - professionally and financially speaking. Fast forward a mere matter of weeks and, without going into specifics, I experienced business failure for the first time. Let me tell you, it hurt. Not only financially, but emotionally. More on the latter another time.

After a quick return trip to Australia (via Abu Dhabi) to obtain a new visa, I felt like I was back to square one. I was in a foreign country with no (credible) in-market experience looking for roles that a) weren’t a backward step from my previous digital marketing manager role and b) paid enough to sustain two adults in an expensive city. After many emails, phone calls and a few interviews, I was fortunate enough to land a digital marketing manager role with a leading property firm.

Fast forward to now: November, 2016. I sit here having learnt far more than I ever thought was possible. I learnt—in a business sense—not to trust so blindly. I also learned that I shouldn’t focus on chasing what is publicly perceived to be successful (job title, money, etc.), rather I should focus on being happy (again, more on that another time) day-in-day-out. And finally, I learnt that this failure should not, and does not, define me or my future.

As Denis Waitley once said...

“Failure should be our teacher, not our undertaker. Failure is delay, not defeat. It is a temporary detour, not a dead end. Failure is something we can avoid only by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing.”

I took a leap and it didn’t work, but it’s not the end. It’s time to stop swinging back and forth on the same vine, it’s now time to let go and move forward.

Onwards and upwards.