What are we passing down?

This quote actually isn't referring to financial liabilities nor is it specific to any demographic. It's in reference to Jane Martin's belief that education needs to evolve to - among other things - offset culture division driven by the media. Here's an exert from the interview for further context: "...one of the main questions we've got to start asking ourselves, in western culture at least, is: "What are we passing down to the next generation?" Are we passing down our cultural wealth? Or are we passing down our cultural liabilities? And when you look around you see the greed, the racism, inequality and all the rest, you know that we're passing down our liabilities. And the problem of generations, as I call it, is how to maximise the transmission of the good stuff of the culture - the assets - and how to minimise the passing down of the bad stuff. I really think that this is the crucial thing that we have to start thinking about." - New Philosopher